URBED have been invited to take part in Architektur Sommer Rhein-Main 2015 - ASRM Lab 2014: Region im Fluss. This is a multi-disciplinary workshop organized by the directors of Architektursommer Rhein-Main in association with D.A.M and the Kulturfonds Frankfurt Rhein-Main.

ASRM Lab 2014 aims to look at some of the regions most problematic and neglected urban and semi-rural spaces - and in so doing explore ‘the regional city’.



We were pleased to find out that Home Improvements Knowledge Exchange project has been nominated for the RIBA President's Award for Outstanding Uni

The theatre, which focuses on involving young people at every level, has been awarded provisional Stage 1 capital funding (£3.85 million).

On June 4th at the TCPA, Nicholas launched his Smith Institute pamphlet at the TCPA.

Urban Scrawl

The world financial system, the economy, the coalition government, the budget (or lack of it), the public sector cutbacks...

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We are delighted that URBED's submission has been shortlisted for the 2014 Wolfson Economic Prize.


Urbanism Environment Design

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